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Listen as Myra McElhaney Motivates People and Companies

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Purposeful Engagements With a Warm Wise and Witty Motivational Speaker

Meet Myra McElhaney

Welcome! Come in, relax, and get to know this warm, humorous woman whose mission is to help you work with purpose, live with passion and make a difference. People from all walks of life, all sorts of industries, and from all across the country have been empowered and encouraged by Myra’s stories, insights, and personal experiences.



If you’re looking for a keynote speaker who’ll connect, inspire, and challenge your audience, we’re glad you’re here! Myra’s warmth, humor, and deep and sometimes hard-won insights always land right in the heart of audience members. Myra doesn’t give speeches. She communicates with audiences.

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Sure, she’s a great keynote speaker, but can she deliver the goods seminar—or workshop style? You bet! With Myra, the possibilities aren’t endless, but it sometimes seems that way! Read about her topic areas, and know that she’s delighted to customize them to meet your theme, your goals, and your program needs.

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In her heart, Myra’s a writer. She blogs; she’s been published in numerous magazines and newspapers, and she’s always working on that next book. If you’re looking for someone to help you with your own writing projects, Myra’s happy to lend her ear, her heart, and her writing talent.

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"Myra is a nimble speaker, especially during Q and A – very engaging. She has this quick wit one moment, and a deep, really moving quality the next. My audience laughed, took down serious notes, clapped loudly and formed a line after the presentation. As an event producer, I can rely on Myra as a professional – well-prepared and very, very familiar with the terrain of entertaining and educating audiences."

- Melissa Gordon

President, Echelon Communicate